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Online Group Programmes

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Our online group programmes have been expertly designed to ensure you will achieve the best results possible during our time together, ensuring your personal journey is a success. Our programmes are designed to help you achieve ultimate health by laying the foundations of a ‘Fitter’ lifestyle in all senses – through training, nutrition and mindfulness.

As with all our online programmes we will provide an awesome meal plan packed with tasty, nutritious food and a training programme to get and keep you moving. We’ll also be advising you on how to be more mindful with tips on how to de-stress your life.

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Personalised Health, Nutrition and Training Programmes

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We offer a range of personalised health and nutrition services including nutritional therapy for health issues, illness and fat loss, also structured exercise programs and guidance on nutritional supplementation and sports performance. If you are just starting out on your health journey or perhaps have made significant improvements to your health and would simply like to chat in order to gain some professional guidance we offer single Skype sessions that enable you to get some expert advice and on any queries you may have and review your current health and nutrition status.

If you are looking to implement a more bespoke, structured nutritional therapy or exercise programme or require some clinical testing we offer 1-2-1 consultations with a comprehensive report that includes a nutritional supplement protocol, guidelines on calorie and macronutrient requirements, recipes, lifestyle modifications and other essential resources. This package also includes a 25% discount all nutritional supplements and clinical tests. Ongoing email support is included upon booking a 30 minute follow up consultation (*a follow-up session is a pre-requisite if undergoing clinical testing).

If you wish to transform your health with continual, direct access to expert advice we offer personalised 8 week nutritional therapy programmes, these include all the services provided with our standard nutritional therapy services along with extra consultations, support and regular Skype check-ins to continually tailor the guidance based upon your progress and individual needs.

Prior to the consultation you will be provided with the necessary paperwork to complete and return, including:

  1. A comprehensive health questionnaire detailing health history, exercise regime and goals.
  2. A 3 day food and lifestyle diary (with a symptom log where appropriate)


1. Health & Nutrition Skype Audit

Investment: £150


A single Skype session which is preceded by the completion of a health questionnaire. The audit session is a comprehensive review of your current lifestyle nutrition, exercise and lifestyle and includes recommendations regarding elimination diets, nutritional supplements, stress management and exercise programs.

Please Note: This is a single audit session and does not include aftercare, email contact or support notes, if you require ongoing communication and prefer your consultation to include some supportive literature please consider one of our longer term nutrition and health packages. These consultations are offered via Skype or telephone only.

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2. 12-Week Nutritional Therapy Programme

Investment: £750 (Payment Options Available)


By working with clients on a 12-week basis we are able to successfully coach individuals to their health and wellness goals and guarantee greater success with ongoing progress monitoring, protocol adaptation and continual support and guidance through email and support calls. This package includes discounts on nutritional supplements, discounted functional testing and access to all the resources and content we are developing for our online nutrition and training programmes including recipes, meal plans, cheat sheets and training protocols.

A typical 12-week nutritional therapy package includes:

  • Initial consultation and clarity call in week 1
  • Personalised nutrition and supplement protocol
  • Progress call at end of week 4
  • Continued support and adaptation of plan where required
  • Progress call at end of week 8
  • Conclusion call at week 12
  • Continuous email support and updates are provided throughout the plan to ensure you continue to progress and achieve success with your goals.

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3. 8-Week Bespoke Training Plan

Investment: £199 

This package is designed to revolutionise and overhaul your training routine – your tailored training sessions will have purpose, encourage weekly progressions and will most importantly get results. Oh, and believe me they will be enjoyable too!

We start out with a questionnaire so I we can get to know your current routine and your short-term and long-term goals. Following this we will have a Skype consultation where we address goals, realistic time frames, current ability levels, potential barriers, muscle imbalances and any injuries that need addressing etc.

From here we will design a training plan that fits in with your schedule and will get the best results possible. We are a results driven company therefore we know we may need to adapt things along the way as you progress, which is why you get support throughout, as well as the mid way check in.

  • 1 hour initial Skype consultation
  • Bespoke, progressive 8 week training plan
  • Email support throughout
  • 30 min half way check in call
  • Training modifications if required
  • 8 week access to Fitter 365 (coming soon)

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3. 12-Week Average to Awesome Package

Investment: £997 

Welcome to your complete nutritional and training overhaul, designed to get you sustainable results in just 3 short months. After filling out your health and lifestyle questionnaire we kick off our Skype consultation where we can get to know each other further. Following this we will design a bespoke nutrition, training and lifestyle plan that complement each other perfectly, to ensure your training and recovery are fuelled for weekly progress and that your long-term goal is always in sight.

12 weeks may seem like a long time, however we break things down into easy to absorb information, step change and realistic mini goals and targets to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. We want you to see weekly progress and most of all to be unable to stop smiling because of how awesome you feel.

We always say anything is easy once you know how to do it – which is why our approach is always an educational one. Rather than simply telling you to ‘do this and do that, lift this and don’t eat that’ we explain why and provide understanding of our methods. The more you know the more you will appreciate the journey and of course the more you will enjoy it. Once you get your training, nutrition and lifestyle habits working in harmony with each other you will become unstoppable – your only regret will be wishing you had done it sooner.

  • 1 hour initial Skype consultation
  • 12 week personalised nutrition plan based on your goals
  • 12 week progressive training plan
  • 3 x 30 min check in calls at weeks 4, 8 and 12
  • 12 weeks of meal plans and macros
  • Email support throughout
  • 12 week access to Fitter 365 (coming soon)

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