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At Fitter Food we know that eating an awesome diet of good quality, great tasting and easily accessible produce is essential in living a long, healthy, energised and positive life. Our no-fuss, easy to prepare, delicious recipe and meal ideas have been expertly designed so you can eat amazing, great tasting food that’s both good for you AND won’t break the bank.

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Fitter Food Biscotti Sticks

BOSH Biscotti

Love a biscotti? So do we and this one has all the flavour and none of the nasties. Goes great with an espresso or as an after dinner treat. We’ve made our batch in honour of tonight’s biscuit week on one of our favourite programmes, Great British Bake Off. Do you think Mary Berry would be proud?! #BOSHBISCOTTI

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Cumin Chicken and Orange Feta Salad

It’s summer time and this refreshing and great tasting salad will hit the spot on those warmer days. A great addition to a family BBQ or a simple protein hit for lunch or dinner. The cumin, orange and feta is a epic combo, as you will soon discover.

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Banana Nut Muffins

Who doesn’t love a muffin? These were inspired by our good friend Emma Mihill who baked a truly epic chocolate banana bread for us. Here is our twist on the recipe, essentially portion control :-) and convenience. A great high energy snack!

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Hidden Fishy Cakes

Hidden ‘Fishy’ Cakes

We’re always banging on about the benefits of consuming more fish or seafood. Packed with healthy omega 3 fats and minerals like zinc and iodine they should be a weekly feature on your menu and fishcakes are perfect as the creamy potato and seasoning can help disguise the ‘fishy taste if you’re not a fan.

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Warrior Loaf

Warrior Loaf

Our favourite snack on the go. This is great post workout pick me up, packed with protein, healthy carbohydrates and antioxidants (we added some Matcha powder for an extra hit) or simply enjoy a slice topped with butter or nut butter with an afternoon brew.

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